Saverstore - Lomita store has really gone down hill!!!

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I started shopping at the Lomita CA store when it first opened and thought it was clean organized and friendly.But in the past 6 month or so it has changed for the worst!!!

The bathrooms not only STINK when the they are open but in my past two week the have been OUT OF SERVICE. The check out process is extremely slow and the checkers extremely rude. The shelves and racks that used to be organized are a MESS and many of the items STINK (I bought a shirt and when i got it home it stunk of cigarette smoke) and the store is extremely HOT I used to like shopping there as the use to have seating for older customers. which has been remove.

But to review Stinky unusable bathrooms, dirty unorganized shelves and racks and long waits and with hot temps, shopping there is not a good experience anymore.Again i ask WHAT happened it use to be a nice store but it has changed in the past 6-9 months!!!

Saverstore -- Ektaa Pithawa

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Not resolved

I ordered a TV Card and two DVDRW Drives on the 11th September. The goods arrived 14th September, which was within the forecast delivery dates. On opening the package there was the TV Card, but only one DVDRW Drive. I telephoned the courier, and then Saverstore within one hour of receiving my delivery, to report the missing item.

I was advised to fill in the automated delivery form on the website, which I did.

I was then locked in contact through emails, sending several copies of my despatch notes as requested, and finally sending the documents by recorded delivery to Peter Hills.

My first point of contact was a complete waist of time, the person to avoid dealing with is Ektaa Pithawa, I exchanged several emails in which the same questions were always asked, and then suddenly my emails were just ignored and contact ceased.

Eventually after 10 weeks and several more emails to other contacts (I found off the internet ) within the company, I now have my missing item.

If this is any help to anyone, the person who resolved my problem was Peter McCorkindale – email -- 0871 855 2332

I have had two bad experiences with this company over a three year period, and the service is just as bad now as it was then, unless you have a lot of time on your hands and enjoy stress, I would give these people a very wide berth as I will in the future.

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